Lisa Winn Photography

I’m passionate about photography, and dedicated to providing my clients with high quality, customized products that suit a variety of needs. I’ve been shooting professionally for over fifteen years, and I’m also a baccalaureate-degreed photographer.  My work has appeared in a varitey of local and national newspapers and magazines, as well as on television. I believe the heart of photography is creating a historical document for you, your family or organization. Photographs, whether for individuals or organizations, become things that are passed down and explored with wonder to gain a greater understanding of where we come from.

From my studio in Chicago, I provide a broad range of creative photojournalistic services, ranging from weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs; corporate, not-for-profit and private events; studio portraits and head shots; and in-studio and on-location photo documentation of musicians and performers.  I'm an expert retoucher, although I believe in making pictures perfect as I'm shooting, giving considerable attention to details while I work.

I’m dedicated to producing the highest quality product and experience for my clients.